We Thank Thee, Oh God, For A Prophet

I have two favorite weekends of the year. One is the first weekend in April, and the other is the first weekend in October because it’s General Conference!!! I LOVE hearing words of guidance and encouragement from the leaders of the church. Who couldn’t use a little wisdom every so often?

The Saturday morning session was a very special one because our new Prophet of God was sustained. I watched as President Eyring asked the world to stand and raise their right hand to sustain President Russell M. Nelson, and as I stood, I had an overwhelming feeling of love and knowledge that he is a prophet of God, called to lead us in these modern times.

Leading a church during this day and age can’t be easy. There is so much evil in the world today, but I know without a doubt that President Nelson will lead with love, grace, and inspiration from Heaven.

As I was scrolling through Facebook this evening, I came across a quote that strengthened my testimony of President Nelson even further. It said:

“Speaking of hearts … it’s interesting that you’ve been called to serve as the prophet of the church at this time. Your entire life has revolved around fixing other people’s hearts. Literally. You performed the first successful cardiac operation in Utah and are known around the world as being one of the most important pioneers in the field of cardiology. You repaired a bad heart valve and saved the life of previous prophet and president of the church, Spencer W. Kimball. You know hearts … maybe better than anyone on this earth. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I don’t think so for a minute. Consider the symbolism and imagery involved as we live in a day in which the Lord states that ‘the whole earth shall be in commotion, and men’s hearts shall fail them.’ You just happen to find yourself positioned in these last days to help repair those spiritually broken hearts through your teachings, testimony, and love of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.”

How incredible is that insight? A man who knows how to literally fix broken hearts is called to help heal our hearts through inspiration and direction from God himself.

Yes, we live in hard times. People are ruthless, circumstances can be unfair, people are dying, and I hesitate to look at the news because there is always something heartbreaking. Our world is in commotion, and men’s hearts are failing them, no question. But how incredibly blessed are we that we have light, hope, and truth if we just turn to God and obey our prophet’s inspired counsel?

I want you to know that if your heart feels broken, you’ve lost all hope, or you feel you’re clinging to a thread, God knows and has felt your pains. He has been there so He could understand and take your burdens upon Him if you just let him into your life. I’ve been lower than I would like to admit, but letting Christ’s light into my life has made a world of difference.

God loves you, knows you, and wants you to be happy. I don’t believe we were put on this earth to be miserable, and I know that we can all find happiness and light through the gospel. It won’t happen overnight and fixing a broken heart takes a lot of faith and patience. But when you let the light of Christ shine through the cracks of your heart and soul, you’ll be better than you ever were before.

*Photo by Cari Osborne Photography



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